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In 2017 the www.whiskyroom.co.uk will cease but the Facebook page, blog and the old forum will continue.
It's been wonderful to have the website for over 16 years but rising costs
and low revenues mean I've had to find alternative ways of sharing my passion.
I hope you'll still pop in for a wee dram and a chat now and again.


Malt whisky beside an open fire in the Whiskyroom

WARNING: The Whisky Room pages are intended for over 18's only,
and contain links to alcohol related products and services.

We provide vegetarian and vegan information
to some of the drinks mentioned in the whisky room pages.
*note: whisky is matured in casks which may have held sherry
or wine which may have been treated with animal derived finings,
BUT a large proportion of whisky is matured in Bourbon barrels.

Single malt whisky and small batch bourbon whiskey is kosher unless aged in casks once used for sherry.
Bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, corn whiskey and Kentucky whiskey are classified as kosher as matured in White American Oak and nothing else has been in the barrel before hand.

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